Why use Retinol (Vitamin A)

Why use Retinol (Vitamin A)


Up until your early-30s, your cells turn over every 28 days, creating a fresh layer of untouched, pristine skin,” says dermatologist Mona Gohara, M.D., associate clinical professor at Yale University. “But after you hit your mid-30s, your cell regeneration slows down, turning over every 50, 60, or 70 days.” And that slower cell regeneration is what causes dry, dull, and wrinkled skin

START SLOWLY AND ADD ON GRADUALLY   Retinol, however, sinks into your skin and speeds up cell turnover, causing your body to churn out fresher, smoother skin again,” says Dr. Gohara.   Because Retinol cause skin to shed cells faster than normal, you may experience some reactions such as irritation, flakiness, dryness or breakouts, until your skin gets through the adjustment period.  That’s why professional suggested to use gentle formula and also to start slowly particularly if you have sensitive skin. That is, to apply Retinol once a week, twice a week and then add on gradually.

CONSISTNET APPLICATION    To get a long-term benefits, dermatologist Tobechi Ebede, M.D., clinical assistant professor in dermatology at Cornell, recommended that “You have to use these products most nights…  They are changing your skin, and if you don’t use them routinely, your skin will go right back to baseline.” It will take at least 2-3 months of consistent application to notice some reduction in fine lines, dark spots, and acne.

EFFECTIVE IN LONG RUN  There are many types of Retinol in the market, some are mild and some are strong and needed to be prescribed. Dermatologist Mona Gohara, M.D., associate clinical professor at Yale University suggested startling with the gentlest and moving up to higher strength over after a year. Regardless of what strength of Retinol you use, they’re all effective in the long run. Studies from National Library of Medicine show that you’ll reach the same long-term anti-aging effects over time with a low-strength or moderate-strength retinoid.

Highly Significant Clinical Results 

In a third-party clinical study, 20 female subjects applied a formula with equivalent 0.1% free Retinol, twice daily.

(1) Picture 1: Visible softening of marionette lines [L] Baseline [R] 28 Days


(2) Reduction of the appearance of forehead wrinkles [L] Baseline [R] 28 Days


After four weeks, subjects saw an average improvement of 11.2% in the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles.

(1) After four weeks, subjects saw an average 55.2% increase in skin firmness

(2) No participants experienced irritation. In this consumer study, after four weeks of use:

(3) 100% of participants agree that skin feels significantly

(4) 90% agreed that the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are reduced

(5) 100% agreed skin is healthier and younger looking

(6) 100% agreed that skin appears more luminous, and skin clarity is improved, leaving a healthy and even tone

(7) 95% agreed that skin’s brightness and overall health are

(8) 100% agreed that skins radiance, softness, and smoothness is significantly improved


(1) Prevents Wrinkles

(2) Treats Acne

(3) Fades Pigments

(4) Brightens Dull Skin



  1. Vitamin A is normally highly sensitive to air, and is easily oxidised and degraded. Anumi overcomes these challenges by delivering stabilised pure Retinol in a microencapsulation. The encapsulated Retinol allows fresh and potent Retinol to be delivered only upon application, enhancing dermal penetration and stability.
  2. Anumi Vitamin AB Complex renews and revitalises your skin by combining potent actives Vitamin A, B3 & B5 which work well together.
  3. Upon application, this serum will firstly create a protection shield on top of the skin which protect skin from UV damage. It also protect vitamins from oxidization and allows sufficient time for the Vitamins to immerse into dermal layer, gradually improve the skin proliferation cycle, helps fight against aging and provide overall luminous complexion.
  4. This Vitamin AB Complex can be used day and night, protecting your skin 24/7 and is perfect to pair with our Pro 10 C Serum for a non-stop vitamin infusion.


Enjoy our Vitamin AB Complex!

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