Why Customer loves our Anti-ageing Paper Mask

Why Customer loves our Anti-ageing Paper Mask

Unbelievable feedback on our Bio-Cellulose Angi-ageing Paper Mask. 100% positive feedback from customers about how good our paper mask is… “very hydrating, good size to cover whole face, plenty of serum not only for face but neck and even hand, instant visibly result of firming and lifting, effect last for a week and skin fees supple and soft, very value for money…”, simply the best paper mask in the market.

All the good feedback about the high quality of our paper mask is because of the secret recipe inside the pouch of our mask:

Firstly, let’s look at the material we chose for mask.  Anumi Bio-cellulose mask is a super thin 100% bio-derived and biodegradable fibre, containing no silicone or chemicals, making it absolutely pure.  It perfectly adapts to facial contours and are soft to the touch. Leaves skin feeling soft and cool.  The absorption properties of bio-cellulose fibre have been scientifically proven to deliver active ingredients into skin for better penetration by up to 50%.   Anumi Bio-cellulose mask physically seals in the active nutrients and deliver to the dermis of the skin.

Secondly, that is the most important reason why customers are able to feel the suppleness and skin condition improved even after a week.  This is all because of the serum we formulated.  Anumi Bio-cellulose Intensive Anti-ageing and Lifting Mask is infused with a full bottle of 25ml superfood serum formulated to promote firmer skin, restore skin’s elasticity, and reduce appearance of finelines instantly.

The high potent superfood ingredients include:

Last but not least, Anumi Bio-cellulos Anti-ageing Mask also contains a peptide which is made from a protein found in Botox. It’s primarily used for fighting aging particularly reducing wrinkles around facial areas. It works in a similar fashion to Botox but without injection required. The peptide penetrates skin membranes in order to limit muscle activity and wrinkling. Like Botox, it tightens the skin and reduces wrinkles caused by facial expression which prevents the skin from forming new wrinkles while giving it time to repair and smooth over any previous wrinkles as well.

Use the mask twice a week, you will gradually discover your skin condition improved and the ageing sign is reduced.

Enjoy the experience of how our superfood mask infused to your skin!

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