Vitamin AB Complex

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Skin Types : Normal Skin, Combination Skin, Dry Skin, All Skin Type

Benefits: Renew and Revitalise

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  1. Vitamin A is normally highly sensitive to air, and is easily oxidised and degraded. Anumi overcomes these challenges by delivering stabilised pure Retinol in a microencapsulation. The encapsulated Retinol allows fresh and potent Retinol to be delivered only upon application, enhancing dermal penetration and stability. In a third party clinical study on 20 female subjects applied with eqv. 0.09% free Retinol, after 4 weeks of using this Encapsulated Retinol, subjects saw an average 55.2% increase in skin firmness and average improvement of 11.2% in the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles. 
  2. Anumi Vitamin AB Complex renews and revitalises your skin by combining potent actives Vitamin A, B3 & B5 which work well together.
  3. Upon application, this serum will firstly create a protection shield on top of the skin which protect skin from UV damage. It also protect vitamins from oxidization and allows sufficient time for the Vitamins to immerse into dermal layer, gradually improve the skin proliferation cycle, helps fight against aging and provide overall luminous complexion. 
  4. This Vitamin AB Complex can be used day and night, protecting your skin 24/7 and is perfect to pair with our Pro 10 C Serum for a non-stop vitamin infusion.
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After cleanse and tone, apply to the face and neck. Follow with a non-active moisturiser as desired. If mild irritation occurs, use every 3rd night until skin adjusts. In case of prominent redness, irritation or itching, stop using immediately. Always use SPF protection during the day.

CAUTION: This serum contains a safe amount of Vitamin A which can be used in day time as long as no additional Vitamin A product is used in the same regime as excess Vitamin A will sit on top of skin causing sun sensitivities. Vitamin A may not be suitable for sensitive skin and is not recommended for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding

Tips for Anumi Vitamin Infusion 

(1) After clean and tone, Anumi Refining Serum can be added before Pro 10 C Serum, Squalene Plus or Miracle Recovery for even better result. But make sure to wait for 3-5 minutes before applying Vitamin AB Complex.  In fact, even longer waiting time is recommended as it allows Pro 10 C Serum to work better.
(2)Another 3-5 mins is recommended before applying moisturiser. It allows Vitamin A to penetrate into skin better. 
(3)Anumi Vitamin AB Complex can be used in day and night time. For first time Vitamin A serum user, it is recommended to use at night time for few days. Once the skin gets used to this active, user can apply in day time. Always wear SPF products after using this Vitamin AB Complex.
Size 30 ml / 1.06 fl.oz
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