Pure Essential Oil – Bergamot Non-Phototoxic (Certified Organic)

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• Induces feelings of relaxation and sedation.

• Contains properties of being Antiseptic, Natural Perfume and Deodorant.

• Helps reduce fever and fighting virus or bacteria that causes fever.

• Relieves pain, constipation and prevents gastrointestinal complications.

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Vaporisation (Inhalation):
Add 6-9 drops to the water in the top of your vaporiser or diffuser. Inhale the aromatic vapors.
Bathing (Topical):
Add 3-6 drops into a full bath and disperse the oil evenly. Then soak for 10 minutes.
Massage (Topical):
Add 6 drops to 15ml of massage base oil. Gently massage over the body.

Avoid direct sunlight after 12 hours of applying.  

Other Treatment Directions:
For acne, eczema, psoriasis, and wounds, mix 2-3 drops with Jojoba oil and apply directly to affected area.
To alleviate anxiety, depression, fatigue, nervous tension, and stress use 6-9 drops of the oil in a diffuser.
For cystitis and urinary tract health, use 4-5 drops in bath water for a luxurious, long soak.
For promoting optimal health of the excretory system, add 2-3 drops with Sweet Almond Oil and massage over the lower abdomen and kidney area.
 • For digestive help and flatulence, use 2-3 drops in Sweet Almond Oil and massage over abdomen area. Can also use 6-9 drops in a diffuser.
For halitosis, mouth infections, sore throat, or tonsillitis, use 2-3 drops and half teaspoon of salt into half cup of water. Gargle and rinse.
To regulate appetite

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