Bio-cellulose Intensive Treatment Mask (Anti-ageing)

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Skin Types: All Skin type

Anumi Bio-cellulose Mask is 100% Biodegradable and Sustainable. The sheet mask is made using proprietary technology and manufacutring process. The fabric’s mechanical strength and its absorbent properties make our mask fabrics pliable and able to seal in the active nutrients and deliver to the dermis of the skin.


PURE Anumi Bio-cellulose mask is a super thin, all-natural fibre which is 100% biodegradable and sustainable.

FIT Our masks perfectly adapt to facial contours and are soft to the touch.

ABSORBENT The absorption properties of bio-cellulose fibre have been scientifically proven to deliver active ingredients into skin for better penetration by up to 50%. 

DELIVER Anumi Bio-cellulose masks physically seal in the active nutrients and deliver to the dermis of the skin.

INFUSE Anumi Bio-cellulose Intensive Anti-ageing and Lifting Mask is infused with a full bottle of 25ml boosting serum formulated with natural superfoods to promote firmer skin, restore skin’s elasticity, and reduce appearance of fineline instantly. 

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(1) Snow Lotus is renowned for its remarkable natural ability to fight ageing. It is effective for antiradiation, and to enhance the anti-oxidant capacity of skin cells.

(2) Ginseng helps boost circulation of skin's smallest blood vessels, which in turn increases the synthesis of collagen to maintain skin's elasticity and lengthen the lifespan of skin cells.

(3) Crocus Sativus is a superfood for skin which provides a barrier against environmental aggressors and helps plump up sagged skin cells, resulting in firmer and younger-looking skin texture.

(4) Madonna Lily, known as “Bright Light”, contains active plant stem cells which interfere with the transfer of melanin to help even skin tone and aide your skin in making new skin cells to provide a luminous complexion.

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1. Cleanse your face with mild cleanser. Rinse well with warm water then apply  toner to help prepare your skin for next step.

2. Apply the mask from your forehead.  Make sure eye, nose and mouth areas are aligned.    Leave the mask on for 15-20minutes.

3. Pat in any residue on your face. Optional to rinse. Apply once or twice a week. For intensive treatment, use for 2-3 consecutive days.

Size 4 pcs x 25ml
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