We live in a world where chemicals and synthetic substances overflow, where stresses of daily grind dominate our lives and where nature has taken a back seat to modernisation.   Therefore wouldn’t it be truly wonderful to embrace nature once again, free of all toxins and impurities, and rediscover how nature can bring contentment, improve our health and beauty.

Anumi simplify the science of beauty by using ingredients inspired by nature. We believe in using the highest quality, 100% natural ingredients and essential oils in generous quantities that will significantly benefit your skin.  Apart from being 100% natural, every product in anumi is certified by an independent organic certifying body, the Organic Food Chain (OFC), one of the strictest organic certifiers in the world.

In addition to home care products, anumi introduces our organic spa  treatments to fit different skin profile.  Our treatments have been embraced for their revitalising and therapeutic effects.  These treatments can detoxify your body, de-stress your mind and hydrate your skin. 
It is about living naturally, about revealing your inner beauty, about having the confidence to show your own style and being your best every day.  It is all about being ME, more specifically “A New Me” (anumi).

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