Pure Essential Oil


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Bergamot Non-Phototoxic - Certified Organic
Uplifting the emotons and refreshing the living environment.  Can be used with moderate treatment.


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Clary Sage French
Helps induce feeling of joy, confidence and pleasure.  Provide relief from depression, stress and anxiety.


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Eucalyptus Australian
 widely used for relieving cold and flu.  Also an ideal spot and stain remover


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Promotes relexation, relieving stress and returning your mental state back to calmness


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Lavender - Certified Organic
Relieving stress for all ages and creating a peaceful haven for sleep. Soothing symptoms of acne and minor burns.


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Lemongrass - Certified Organic
Relieving muscular and joint pain. Increasing circulation and maintaining general well being. Can be used as insect repellent.


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Lemon Myrtle
Uplifting lemon aroma.  Relaxes, calms and  soothes hypertension. Purifies and refreshes living environment.


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Mandarin Australian Cold Pressed
Calming effect on the digestive system. Relieving symptoms of PMS and muscular pains. Maintaining general wellbeing, easing congestion, puffiness and swelling.


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Peppermint - Certified Organic
Helping to ease headaches and migraines. An awakening oil during times of stress. Good insect repellent.


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Rose Geranium - Certified Organic
Helpful for restoring emotion, relieving PMS, anxiety and tension, and for bringing fresh energy.


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Rose Otto Bulgarian
Supporting women through all the stages of womanhood assisting with menstrual problems.  Uplifting and emotionally settling, helping to relieve stress,  increasing self esteem and confidence. 


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Tea Tree Australian- Certified Organic
It is useful for minor infections, burns and cuts, ingrown or infected nails and toenails, tinea, ulcers, sunburn, as a gargle for sore throats, and to spot-treat pimples and cold sores.
A natural antiseptic and fungicide, with strong antibacterial properties.  It is an all-rounded surface disinfectant.


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Ylang Ylang - Certified Organic
Helps relax tension and promotes healthy well being.  Supports emotional and spiritual balance.


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Pure Essential Oil Collection
We select the 6s must-have aromatherapy oils in our new Pure Essential Oil Collection Gift Box. 


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